Panto scripts for hire

Raiders of the Lost Monarch

A Right Royal Panto where arch baddie Nutella Brazil and her helpers Peanut and Cashew abduct the Queen (to sell to Blowsmelt) and the corgis (to make into fur coats). To the rescue are Lindy Anna Jones, Titty Longbottom, man from The Ministry, Mr Darcyarcy and a rather incompetent Genie. Along the way they enlist the help of the help of Pearly Puss and her three kittens. All gather in El Pongo’s Cantina, having encountered a very bad-tempered Cactus and Anteater and Gecko along the way. Accompanied by music, song and gorgeous dancers, justice is eventually meted out in true panto style!

Pinochio with a twist

The traditional story adding up-to-the-moment events and characters, terrific local leg pulling, innuendo and audience participation. Features 23 main characters plus rabbits, dancers and villagers. The show incorporates great juvenile characters alongside traditional dame Mona, married to toy maker Gepetto, Fairy Chardonnay, plus notable political figures and a larger than life Shrek residing in his swamp - all ending up at Trumpo Towers! With the help of mighty fairy powers the dastardly Donny Trumpo is finally brought to justice and Pinocchio becomes a real boy after proving himself kind, honest and true. The twist in this version was not the nose extension on Pinocchio’s fibbing but a varying amount of flatulence!

Peter Pan - The Panto

This family panto was performed in January 2015 and was written by Beverley Beveridge. Suitable for a cast from 10 - 50 with a range of principal and chorus parts.

Wendy, John and Michael Darling live with their widowed mother and are looked after by Nanny Fanny (the Dame). They love stories and adventures. One night they are visited by Tinkerbell and Peter Pan's uncle Arfur (a cockney fairy) who explains Peter needs help looking after the lost children in Neverland. Wendy her brothers and Nanny agree to help out. They meet the lost children and Peter Pan, whom Tinkerbell adores. They are invited to meet the Flatulenti Tribe because Big Chief Windbreaker fears the wicked pirate, Captain Hook, is plotting to kidnap his daughter Tiger Lily to lure Peter to his ship. Captain Hook has a score to settle with Peter because he cut off Hook's hand in a fight and fed it to the giant crocodile which now pursues and terrifies Hook. A series of unfortunate events sees Hook kidnap Nanny, the children and Tinkerbell. Peter and Arfur, who has fallen in love with Mrs Darling, decide to rescue them using their magic to outwit Hook! Needless to say, it all ends happily but not in quite the way J.M.Barrie might have intended!


A Panto twist of the classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ written & directed by Beverley Beveridge and performed in 2014. Features Scrooge and his trusty mice, (Bob) Marley and his troupe of Wailers and a story of love lost and found, redemption and a happy ending. All interspersed with song, dance and laughter. Perfect for children and adults, large and small casts and easy to adapt to add local characters and references.

Sleeping Beauty

This traditional family pantomime was performed in January 2013 and was written & directed by Beverley Beveridge. A new take on this classic fairy tale starring local talent from 8-80+ years in a feast of prose, jokes, song and dance. We have all the perfect ingredients: a king and queen, jesters, fairies (good and bad); goblins, mad cooks, a prince, not one, but three, princesses, and... a monkey (of course!).


Our 2012 January production was written and co-directed by Dr Victoria Campbell and Bev Beveridge. This traditional panto featured singing and dancing from a cast of 60 ably supported by a large crew.

Royalty Fees

Seating capacityCost/Performancer
Up to 150£40
151 - 300£45
301 - 450£50

Note: These fees are based on the max seating of the venue and not the number of tickets sold.
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